Together with Imad
March 1 to 14, 2019: Morocco
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They worked on the verification of the book’s content and on the classification, then made them visible on the shelves. They worked on equipping every book in a testifying label of a taken action and of the taken role, this year with Ferdinand Buisson high school and the association Imad in setting up this project. Under the aegis of their supervisors, the youth were responsible for library transferring in order to be operational as soon as we leave. They did a real, thorough, technic, librarian job, allowing thereafter an optimal usage of the new equipment. this year the association IMAD wished to innovate to organize cultural and artistic activities on a large scale. The idea was to associate the youth of M’adiq and its region to a realization of a fresco that would decorate a facade or courtyard of partner schools, this realization would create a feeling of collective pride, associated with the benefits of cultural and social action.
Latifa Ibn Ziaten Latifa Ibn Ziaten
After all, a bid race of peace for the youth was organized in tribute of Imad, who was very sporty and practiced the race. In order to make it reasonable, this initiative had to fulfill several objectives. First of all, to offering to youth -for certain- to travel will be the first experience abroad, the possibility to open on the outside world. To the immigrants in a different environment, we also wish to sensitize the values of sharing and of solidarity. Latifa Ibn Ziaten thinks in offering them this chance, holding their hands, considering them, can contribute to an awakening of consciousness that will help them “start their engine -self-motivation- “, to find them all the sources that they need in order to move forward in their lives. To participate in this adventure, the youth were chosen according to their motivation. They were led to achieving in situ, a real work concretized by the creation of libraries and the artistic realization of frescoes. This experience guided them to a well understood to the meaning of the responsibility, of work and provided effort, of cohesion in groups that fulfill common goals. To these youth, -sometimes- in difficulty with their identity, divisions of their homeland and the land of birth, the association carries a concrete response by strengthening them in their consciousness of belonging to the French nation but also in encouraging to claim their origins as a support, a wealth for all, through this project, it is the momentum of youth that has been summoned, making the led combat -by the association IMAD for youth and peace for the whole year- visible in a concrete way. “to Read and to learn with IMAD » libraries in three schools and a detention place, this year, four libraries were put in place in three educational institutions and in a detention center. The books were selected and sent from France and were provided by our partner association “Bibliothèque sans frontiers: libraries without borders”. the shelves were fitted out in each institution, the classes were also filled with computers. In each one of the institutes, our high school pupils made a mural, in collaboration with local Moroccan youth, this achievement pays tribute to Imad by valuing all the youth associated with the project. The goal was to make the places happier and more beautiful and to help the youth to learn in a framework conducive to fulfillment. This project was designed and achieved by Benoît Dedieu-Anglade, a graphic designer, artist, and volunteer in the association. “to run together with IMAD” a big 6 KM race for youth for the sake of peace, the race was organized by the city if M’adiq where between 400 and 600 young people from schools in the region had been invited. The winners received medals, participation certificates, cups. Each year the race takes place in a warm and festive atmosphere, reminding the passion of sport of Imad that he practiced very regularly. “living together with Imad » medical caravan : humanitarian and solidarity assistance in order for the event to be totally coherence with Imad’s personality, a humanitarian and solidarity assistance operation was organized in the villages nearby the city of M’adiq, that lacked of basic assistance (ophthalmology, cancer screening, care, diabetes care…) some doctors were present for medical examinations and medications were supplied a crucial need of these populations, this action was organized in participating with the General Mutual of the Personnel of the Public Administrations “Générale du Personnel des Administrations Publiques (MGPAP) and the association “Lunettes sans frontiers” (glasses without borders).