Latifa Ibn Ziaten
Republican values promotion
Latifa Ibn Ziaten
Our objectives
Affirming and sharing the values of the republic with the youth
“Start your engine, be confident and go ahead.” It’s with these words that Latifa Ibn Ziaten encourages the youth that she meets to seize freedom that is required in managing their own destiny, being determined to flourish and stubborn to achieve it.

France offers every opportunity to pursue this goal; each one of us has the right to achieve it, to make a happy journey out of our lives, with a positive mindset, for ourselves and our surroundings, beneath a legal protector frame. Unfortunately, too many countries do not offer this chance to their citizens.

Since it was acquired by numerous sacrifices and sufferings, this freedom is precious, it generates the field of rights and duties of each one. In order to preserve it, we must exercise it, every day and, overall, to never consider it as something acquired.
Against all odds, Latifa Ibn Ziaten fights for that equality to be effective in the country where she lives, where she integrates. She affirms her belonging to France and claims her Moroccan origins.

That's how she raised her children: they were born in France, they were educated with this double culture and instructed in the frame of secular education. French from birth, they did not deny their origins of having the feeling of full citizens, they had the same rights and duties as everyone. This is the message that she delivered to her own children, the same message that she carries to all the French youth that she meets nowadays.

There is an important work to do regarding this subject, and the IMAD association works in this direction, reaching out the French youth from different origins which many of them do not feel the right to claim their belonging to this country which is theirs.

The equality will be real when all the barriers of fear of the “foreign” people become lifted. The racism, the rejection of other people’s morals and customs is a source of conflict that will be gotten rid of only by dialogue, the will to get to know each other and to respect each other.
This is the most beautiful word in the mottos of the republic and the most damaged one. To apply the principle of fraternity, is to take care one of the other.

When Latifa Ibn Ziaten meets the teachers, facilitators that work with the youth, she invites them to think of this notion: there is certainly a program to respect, an objectives to reach, but mostly there is human relationships to establish, relations of confidence to weave, a support to bring that everything will return to the notion of fraternity. You must give your time in the sake of this link to be established.

To be fraternal, is to question and to go towards others without prejudice, without taboos, without fear and to establish what is most precious: the exchange between two human beings who look at each other and live the gift of life intensely.