To succeed in other place differently
April 10 to May 1, 2017: China
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as if the difference experienced had marked each one during his passage. on the initiative of this project, Stéphanie, and Victoria, French ladies who were in China to practice their profession in the diplomatic and finance field. There, they found a terraced French community and though that this solidarity does not exist beneath the French people in France. Five education institutes were our partners in this adventure: the college Diderot in Petit-Quevilly, the college Jean Lurçat in Sarcelles, the college Paul Eluard in Garges-lès-Gonesse, the college Vallon des Pins in Marseille, the high school des métiers Louise-Michel in Épinay-sur-Seine;
Latifa Ibn Ziaten Latifa Ibn Ziaten
This trip to China gave young participants a chance to discover each other through its history, culture, and civilization. During our visit to the Monasteries School, the emotions, the smiles, the universal language of the gaze, the bodily expressions, all these natural interactions made it possible to take the step towards the other one. Going to meet a people who are unknown to us, the young kids had the chance to meet Jackie Chan, who greeted us in his restaurant and invited us to the studio where he shot his films. Our high school students were able to try the difficult art of stunts! They also met French people who had tried their luck in China with social success that they might not have obtained in France. Models of courage, ambition, and self-sacrifice that have opened up new horizons for young people looking for the future.