Our projects

Educational trips for young people and parents: a commitment to make people live together

The Imad NPO for Youth and Peace organizes educational trips, especially for young people from disadvantaged areas. These travel projects are a privileged way of building citizenship and represent an opportunity to take young people out of their daily life and open up to others.
The idea is also to allow children and teenagers to discover a new environment, another way of life, and to create ties with others. Our goal is to bring together young people from different cultures and faiths around common principles to learn community life. It makes them see physical or cultural differences between individuals aren’t barriers to communication, solidarity, or friendship.
These young people are gradually becoming aware of this universality which allows everybody to recognize themselves as part of Humanity, to speak to each other, to understand each other, to respect and love each other.

Access to cultural projects


The Imad NPO regularly runs many projects to increase access points to books, and encourage them to integrate reading into their regular activities. We also want to foster access to knowledge and culture and to improve their critical thinking skills. Though reading, we can spread many values such as peace, brotherhood, or freedom.

The NPO’s action with its partner Bibliothèques sans Frontières enabled the opening of four libraries in four Moroccan schools in 2017.

The Digital House

This project targets women in Mulhouse’s prison. It aims to empower women through digital training.
By giving them the means of their financial independence, such training aims to promote their reintegration at the end of their prison sentence. The more the educational and vocational training progresses, the less the radicalization threat increases. The Digital House’s objective is to fight against women’s exclusion by offering them training to facilitate their access to work. They often haven’t any diplomas, so getting one represents a pride and an additional motivation. It helps consolidate or restore their confidence and self-esteem while developing their skills to use digital tools.