Mrs. Latifa Ibn Ziaten makes daily interventions throughout the national territory and abroad in schools, prisons, associations, and families. Although the themes addressed are often similar, the specific objectives of each type of intervention differ.


The school lectures last about 2 hours, during which Latifa Ibn Ziaten disseminates a lot of messages and values, first by the testimony of her story, then by an open dialogue with students. The poignant narrative of her life and experience deeply touches Youth, who gradually open up and sometimes question without restraint their interlocutor. They dare to discuss with her themes that are both crucial and painful, on personal or general subjects: grief, courage, the meaning of life, religion, relations with adults and teachers, etc. At the same time, Latifa reminds them how lucky they are to live in France, with its republican values, even if the country does not offer the same chance to everyone at the beginning. She especially insists on school, secularism, tolerance, or even parents’ love. She tells them that there is always hope for them, that they must fight but also help others and ask for help when they need it.

Prison facilities

Interventions in prisons have two main goals: on the one hand, to listen to prisoners’ problems and suffering, thus enabling them to free themselves from a burden, and to feel taken into account. On the other hand, it is also important to make them aware that their lives have yet to be built, that there is a real chance of reintegrating into society and not giving in to despair or hatred.

Therefore, these interventions represent an opportunity for Latifa Ibn Ziaten to restore prisoners’ confidence, to encourage them to read, to follow training courses, to work out; in short, to continue to live in spite of imprisonment, to prepare themselves each day for their release. She insists a lot on their future reintegration, their motivation, their will, and she especially asks them, whereas they are waiting to leave prison’s bars, to make disappear the internal barriers they built themselves.

The intervention in prison lasts about 2 hours, during which Latifa presents her association and her fight, talks about her son’s murderer, but especially evokes values, education, hope, the future, and trust. His intervention is also a warning: she asks them not to give in to terrorist ideology, but on the contrary to ask for support and hold on to the hope of future reconstruction.


Conferences’ form and content differ considerably on the organization requesting an intervention and the issues raised. Latifa Ibn Ziaten can be invited by an association, a social center, a local authority, or a cultural or youth organization for example. The intervention may regard her background, her daily activities’ details or the difficulties she faced.

Interventions’ map

You will find on this map all the interventions made by Mrs Ibn Ziaten in schools, prisons, and during conferences in 2018.