The association’s origin

Latifa Ibn Ziaten founded Imad pour la jeunesse et la paix on April 2012 as a fraternal and peaceful response to the terrorist attacks perpetrated in Toulouse and its region two months earlier.

During the month of March 2012, the islamist terrorist killed Imad Ibn Ziaten and two other soldiers, the corporal Abel Chennouf and the corporal Mohamed Legouad. These three men were targeted and killed because they were soldiers, Mohammed Merah considering that they had taken sides with the Taliban of Afghanistan. A few days later he shot down four civilians of Jewish confession in front of the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse: a rabbi and three young children. This man attacked democracy, the French Republic, and living together.

So that Imad Ibn Ziaten stays in our memories forever, and because the memory of all the other civilian victims and soldiers urge us to follow this watchword, pronounced by the mom of Imad herself: “Merah, never again!”, the members of Imad Association for Youth and Peace decided to intervene with children, young adults and with their parents, in particular with pupils coming from all social environments in schools, and with inmates in prison environment.